Long-Term Loans

Long-Term Loans


Long-term business loans range from five to twenty years and are typically used when looking to make a larger investment or expansion in your business. Most often, these loans have a fixed or floating interest rate and tend to require collateral, such as real estate, to secure the loan. Since the loan is getting spread out over a longer period of time, the monthly payments are usually lower than short-term loans. This frees up cash flow while still providing your business with the funds it needs to expand.

Business Capital LLC prides ourselves on offering funding solutions for all kinds of businesses and to cover many different situations. A long-term loan could be a great fit if you are expanding your business or planning out the next phase of a long-term plan. Payments are more manageable in a long-term loan since you have a much longer time to repay.

Business Capital LLC has a simple application that can get your business the funds it needs in just hours. Each client is provided with a dedicated Funding Specialist to help walk through the process and select the correct funding type that makes the most sense for your business. Approved businesses can get funds in as little as twenty-four hours. Same day wire transfers are available, too.

Contact us online or over the phone to learn more about our funding options and to talk with a dedicated Funding Specialist. We look forward to getting your business the funds it needs.

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